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Uterine Transplant Clinical Trial Update - Oct. 5, 2016

Please note: Out of respect for our trial participants and in order to continue to put our full concentration toward this important research, we are going to refrain from doing additional news media interviews at this time. We will issue updates as appropriate.

Statement from Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas:

After two years of preparation, careful review of all 16 previous uterine transplants performed in the world, and thoughtful discussion of the ethical and resource considerations – we entered a new space. Under IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval, we performed the first four living-donor uterine transplants ever done in the U.S. Alongside our team during all four surgeries in Dallas was a Swedish surgical team, widely considered the world's experts in uterine transplant as five births have resulted from transplants they have performed. We performed the surgeries between September 14 and 22, making modifications along the way to discover potential improvements to the protocols.

During the past three weeks since the first surgery, we performed routine follow-up testing as part of the trial protocol on all four patients. In three patients, we determined after several tests the transplanted organs were not receiving viable blood flow and the uteri were removed. Those patients are now doing well and will soon be back to normal activity.

The fourth patient's follow-up tests currently indicate a much different result. Her tests are showing good blood flow to the uterus. There are also no signs of rejection or infection at this time. We are cautiously optimistic that she could ultimately become the first uterine transplant recipient in the U.S. to make it to the milestone of uterine functionality.

Both the Baylor University Medical Center surgical team and the Swedish surgical team reviewed the three cases that resulted in explantation, and they believe the valuable learnings from the cases will result in recommendations to change the current protocols in operative and post-operative management of uterine transplant patients with specific attention to the thickness of the uterine veins.

We are committed to sharing all of our learnings in this research with the scientific community and the world, as it is the best way to honor our patients – donors and recipients – and our colleagues' work in helping find a solution to uterine-factor infertility.

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